Wine Cap Management & Wine Blending

Pulsair Systems helps wine makers make great tasting red wine through better management of the wine cap durning the fermentation with the Pneumatage wine process. The Pneumatage process enhances color & flavor extraction, keeps fermenations healthy and help maintain uniform temperature and yeast distribution. Many white wine producers use this same technique for wine blending. Learn more about our pneumatage wine process at

Faster Mixing, Energy Efficient & Low Maintenance Mixing Equipment

Pulsair Systems manufactures high quality liquid tank mixing equipment that is customized to meet the needs and applications of our mixing customers. Our industrial tank mixing equipment allows our customers to mix, blend and agitate faster, using less energy making it the fastest and most efficient mixing process in the world. Puslair's air mixing solutions are available in a wide range of models and styles to suit our customers unique liquid mixing requirements regardless of the tank size, geometry and fluid characteristics.

For over 25-years, Pulsair Systems has custom engineered and built powerful pulse air mixing systems for any size tank, vessel or tank farm resulting in faster mixing times, lower production costs and increased efficiency for our customers. Pulsair offers a complete line of mixers for 55-gallon drum mixing, IBCs/tote mixers, rail tank car and large tank mixing. It is the versatility, durability and high quality mixing results of Pulsair's tank mixing systems that so many companies worldwide have come to rely on for their mixing, blending and agitation needs.

Pulsair's pulsed air mixing solutions are successfully used in many different applications such as petroleum, wastewater treatment, bio-diesel, asphalt, chemical mixing, food & wine, potable water storage tank, oil & gas production and much more. The tank mixing process is well suited for keeping heavy solids is suspension and mixing heavy viscous fluids.

Allegheny Petroleum Products

"Pulsair has cut our blend times nearly tenfold - what used to take hours now takes minutes. The biggest advantage is on the thick materials."

  • Luke Wisniewski
  • Operations Manager
  • Allegheny Petroleum Products

Safety-Kleen Systems

"Pulsair’s system has excellent reliability. I have used Pulsair in the past and Safety-Kleen has had success with it at our facilities. Pulsair has become a key component to our growing blending operations in East Chicago."

  • Jason Shoff
  • Refinery Operations Manager
  • Safety-Kleen Systems

Specialty Markets:

Diving Bubbler/Sparger Systems

Pulsair Systems is the official diving bubbler/sparger supplier for USA Diving. For over 15-years our SoftWater Landing Systems has been used by high schools, clubs, colleges and national team to safely train divers at all skill levels. The SoftWater Landing System combines the efficient management of compressed air, on-demand remote control, high quality stainless steel construction and advanced touchscreen technology to deliver the world's best diving bubbler system. Learn more about our portable and permanent diving bubbler/sparger systems.

NSF Potable Water Storage Tank Mixing

Pulsair Systems helps water districts quickly and efficiently mix water storage tanks and reservoirs for proper mixing. The Pulsair active mixing system reduces thermal stratification to improve water quality, prevents ice formation and uses less energy than other potable water mixing systems. Our mixing system protects against and reduce trihalomethanes (THMs), nitrification buildup and achieves continual uniform water temperature. The mixing system is NSF/ANSI 61 certified. Potable Water Mixing

How it works:

The Pulsair industrial tank mixing process works by sequentially injecting compressed air or gas into the bottom of a tank or vessel filled with liquid. Large air bubbles are released on the underside of accumulator plates that are attached or located at the tank bottom. The Pulsair controller regulates the amount of air, pressure and timing, depending on the type of material, viscosity, and temperature requirements. The rising bubble displaces liquids as it rises to the surface while also pulling heavier bottom liquids up. Timed air pulses create immediate vertical flow patterns mixing materials of different viscosities from the top to bottom. This powerful yet efficient mixing process involves the entire contents of the tank and can operate at any liquid level. The Pulsair mixing process is more efficient than mechanical mixers, mixes faster and requires zero in-tank maintenance.

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