Tank Mixers

Welcome to Pulsair, industrial mixing systems. The Pulsair powerful technology can mix any liquid fast with large compressed air/gas bubbles, making this process faster than mechanical mixers, cheaper, lower energy consumption and zero in tank maintenance.

208 Litre Drum Mixer

Mixing 208 liter steel and plastic drums can be done quickly and easily with Pulsair 5-55 Drum-Stick designed to blend and agitate liquids in any 208 liter barrel.

How it works

The air powered, all-pne200 litre drum mixerumatic Pulsair 208 litre drum mixer operates on compressed air or gas to release large bubbles at the bottom of the 208 liter drum so the liquids can be re-mixed and re-homogenized in minutes. Moreover the drum mixer weights only 1.36 kilograms (3 lbs.) and is easy to use, operate and maintain. There are no moving parts inside the drum being mixed and the non-shear mixing process will not damage the liquid materials.

This Pulsair 208 litre drum mixer will save time and cost less than drum rotators, drum rollers and drum tumblers. You can mix ingredients inside the drum without any other tool or equipment. All the liquids can be quickly homogenized all the liquids in the drum and keep settle solids off the bottom of the drum.

Drum Mixer Benefits

The Pulsair 208 liter drum mixer is the most convenient device to mix any type of liquid in any type of tank size. This wonderful mixing technology is fast, lightweight, safe & easy to use. Furthermore, it is adjustable speed and power, non-shear blending & agitation, works great on high viscosity and high solid liquids, eliminates settling of sediment or settle material and spilling issues associated with drum rollers and tumblers.


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