55 gallon drum mixer / 200 liter drum mixer

Pulsair’s 55 gallon drum mixer, the 5-55 Drum-Stick, is the lightest and easiest to use drum mixer on the market.  It mixes liquids fast and more efficiently than conventional mixers.  The Pulsair 55-gallon drum mixer works by pulsing in large bursts of compressed air or inert gas through a stainless steel probe in the bottom of the drum.  The drum mixer can operate at any liquid level is and excellent for reblending separated liquids or re-suspending settled solids in a matter of minutes.  Sanitary food grade mixers are available and the operate has control over the speed and power of the mixing process.


  1. Mixes drums fast for homogenous, uniform blend
  2. East to use
  3. Lightweight – Mixer weighs less than 3 lbs. / 1.4 kg
  4. Variable speed & power adjustments
  5. Ideal for primary mixing, agitating settled solids and reblending separated liquids
  6. Mix at any liquid level
  7. All-pneumatic.  Operates on compressed air, nitrogen or CO2 gases without modification
  8. Low maintenance
  9. Safe to use in explosion proof environments
  10. Sanitary food-grade design
  11. Easy to clean


  1. Non-shear mixing process mixes high viscosity liquids and liquids with high percentage of solids
  2. No moving parts – safe to use in plastic lined drums
  3. All-pneumatic lightweight controller
  4. 40 inch stainless wet components
  5. 2″ NPT stainless steel vented bung clamp
  6. 10 foot self-coiling hose
  7. Filter/regulator


  1. Chemicals & polymers
  2. Slurries
  3. Paint, inks & coating
  4. Lubricants & fuels
  5. Food & beverage
  6. Wastewater
  7. Drinking water
  8. Rail tank cars
  9. Agriculture
  10. Other industrial applications
55-gallon drum mixer
Pulsair 5-55 Drum-Stick

How it works:

Large compressed air/gas bubbles are sequentially released on the drum bottom through a 40 inch stainless steel probe to create an immediate vertical mixing pattern to quickly blend and mix liquids. This non-shear mixing process is ideal for primary blending, re-blending separated liquids or re-suspending settled solids. The Pulsair 5-55 Drum-Stick is a variable speed mixer and the operator has control over the speed and power of the mixer by controlling the pulse rate (speed) and pressure setting (power) on the filter/regulator. The result is a homogeneous and uniform liquid solution.