New Wine Tank Mixer

The Crush Cart

After hearing from our winemaking customers who use Pulsair’s portable tank mixers to replace or compliment wine punch-down or wine pump-over during red wine cap fermentation, we developed and shipped the new wine tank mixer, our first Crush Cart last month.  The fruit is already starting to come in California and our Crush Cart customer told us how much the Crush Cart has improved efficiency around the cellar and makes turning the caps much more organized, faster and orderly.

Pulsair Wine Crush Cart

The Crush Cart includes a TM-2002W mixer mounted on a lightweight, easy to maneuver stainless steel cart, supply and delivery hoses and either a Hot-Tab probe for accessing the tank via a racking port or an Open-Top probe for open top tank.

wine grape cap Pulsair

For those winemakers and wine enthusiasts new to Pulsair and our awarding winning cap management process; a brief description is provided below:

Pulsair wine tank mixer

“Pneumatage” is an innovative and proven method for efficiently managing grape skin caps during red wine fermentation and wine blending. The Pneumatage process works by pulsing large bubbles of compressed air or gas near the bottom of the fermentation tank. The rising bubbles provide uniform temperature distribution, keep yeasts healthy and efficiently wet the cap to enhance the extraction of flavor, tannins and color into the juice. This process maintains freshness, reduces bacteria formation and helps expel unwanted wine mercaptans and volatile sulfur compounds. Unlike other methods, Pneumatage breaks up the cap into individual berries and then circulates them in the juice, which keeps the cap in a semi-loose state making it easier and more efficient to periodically conduct the Pneumatage.

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