Pulsair Programmable Controllers Series (PPC)

Pulsair offers custom programmed PLC based controller for customers who need additional mixing technology for single or multi-tank mixing systems.  Users can control the mixing in up to 48 tank from a single Pulsair PPC controller.

Pulsair PPC controller

industrial multi-tank mixer controller
PPC-3000 Series controller managing 13 blending tanks


  1. Saves time & money by managing mixing in multiple tanks from single controller
  2. Easy to program & operate
  3. Extremely powerful & proven mixing technology
  4. Zero in-tank maintenance
  5. Energy efficient mixing
  6. Precise mixing and adjustable settings for power & speed
  7. Adjustable mixing parameters
  8. Suitable for all liquids including those with high solids and high viscosities
  9. Custom engineered to fit any size or number of tanks
  10. Uses compressed air, nitrogen or CO2 without modification to mixer
  11. Non-shear mixing process protects liquid integrity

tank mixing

industrial tank mixers


  1. Control up to 40-60 tanks from a single touch-screen controller
  2. Low 110v power requirement
  3. SCADA or plant OS integration for remote on/off override
  4. Adjustable mixing parameters for maximum mixing and blending efficiency
  5. Precision regulators available (optional)
  6. Error reporting available (optional)
  7. Programmable pressure transducer available (optional)
  8. Sanitary food grade mixers available (optional)
  9. Heater & insulation in valve enclosure available (optional)



  1. Chemicals & polymers
  2. Heavy slurries & high viscosity liquids
  3. Paint, inks & coating
  4. Lubricants & fuels
  5. Food & beverage
  6. Wastewater
  7. Drinking water
  8. Other industrial applications
industrial tank mixing
Layout of accumulator plates inside slurry tank during installation

How it works

The Pulsair Programmable Controller (PPC) is designed to give customers precise tank mixing options for multiple tanks from a single touchscreen controller.  The PPC can be programmed from a graphic operator terminal or touchscreen for data entry.  The mixing parameters such as pulse rate and injection time can be set from the touchscreen.  The PPC communicates with the injection valves located at each tank that are housed in a stainless steel weatherproof enclosure.  The injection valve fire to release large compressed air/gas bubbles through a series of air lines that are attached to flat rounds disks called accumulator plates attached to the tank bottom.  The rising air bubbles mix and blend the respective liquids quickly, efficiently and require zero in-tank maintenance after installation.

For over 30-years, this powerful and innovative mixing technology has proven to work in a wide variety of mixing applications that include liquids with high solid contents and thick, high viscosity liquids.