Submersible Mixer

Pulsair is the ultimate submersible tank mixing system because once the compressed air plates are secured on the tank floor, there is zero maintenance with submersible tank mixing components associated with Pulsair.  Tank mixing operators can run the Pulsair tank submersible mixer to agitate and blend the liquids at any liquid level allowing for efficient process improvements that will reduce maintenance costs, reduce energy use and improve tank utilization.  The submersible tank mixing components are designed to fit any size tank configuration, number of tank and can mix and blend a wide variety of liquids.  The process of pulsing bursts of compressed gas mixing through a series of pipes and plates submerged in the mixing tank is an extremely ideal solution for suspending sediment, suspend solids in municipal wastewater treatment plant tank mixing, biological treatment, equalization mixing liquid blending, industrial & chemical mixing application and eliminate liquid stratification.  The Pulsair submersible mixer components are rugged constructed of high quality steel, stainless steel or PVC material depending on the liquid mixing application and tank material.

Pulsair will custom tailor the submersible mixer to meet each unique liquid tank mixing application.  There are huge advantages to the Pulsair mixing process verses lowering a electric motor underwater.  No longer will tanks have to be taken off line or mechanical mixers hoisted out of tanks for service.  What little maintenance is needed can be done outside the tank and this mainly consists of replacing air filter element.

submersible mixer


  • Zero in-tank maintenance
  • Adjustable speed & power
  • Faster mixing, agitation & blending
  • Operate at any liquid level
  • Any liquid & any size tank
  • SCADA/DCS integration