Tank Mixer Series (TM)

tank mixing systems
Pulsair TM-2004

Tank Mixer Benefits:

  1. Extremely powerful
  2. Mixes liquids quickly
  3. Zero in-tank maintenance
  4. Energy efficient
  5. Easy to install and maintain
  6. Precise mixing and adjustable settings for power & speed
  7. Rest periods up to six hours
  8. Suitable for all liquids including those with high solids and high viscosities
  9. Custom engineered to fit any small & mid-size tanks
  10. Uses compressed air, nitrogen or CO2 without modification to mixer
  11. Non-shear mixing process protects liquid integrity
tank mixing equipment
Pulsair TM-2003 mounted in enclosure


  1. All-pneumatic – safe to use in explosion proof environments
  2. Lightweight and easy to operate and install
  3. Weather proof enclosures available (optional)
  4. Precision regulators available (optional)
  5. Dual tank mixing systems available (optional)
  6. Sanitary food grade mixers available (optional)


  1. Chemicals & polymers
  2. Slurries
  3. Paint, inks & coating
  4. Lubricants & fuels
  5. Food & beverage
  6. Wastewater
  7. Drinking water
  8. Rail tank cars
  9. Agriculture
  10. Other industrial applications
tank mixing equipment
Pulsair TM-1500

How it works

The Pulsair Tank Mixer Series (TM) is an all-pneumatically powered and powerful industrial tank mixing system designed to allow customers to efficiently mix and blend liquids quickly and efficiently.   The TM controller electronically manages the sequential timed release of large compressed air/gas bubbles at the bottom of tank to quickly blend the liquids or re-homogenize separated liquids and re-suspend settled solids to have uniform mixing of 100% of the tanks contents.