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Portable Water Storage Tank Mixer

Pulsair Systems supplies powerful, energy efficient and low maintenance water tank mixer for drinking water applications for in-tank mixing and clearwell contact chamber mixing.  The powerful & innovative mixing technologies uses large compressed air bubbles to mix water quickly and efficiently with no moving parts inside the tank.



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Benefits of Pulsair Portable Water Storage Tank Mixer:

  • Fastest water tank mixing system in the world
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance – no electric motors in the tank or underwater
  • Achieve uniform water temperature, water age and uniform distribution of disinfectants in minutes
  • Proven to reduce THMs by 50% without needing extra aeration contraptions
  • Adjustable speed & power controller for maximum efficiency
  • Consumes less energy than other systems – does not need to run 24/7
  • Custom engineered to fit any geometrically sized tank or any number of tanks
  • Active mixing has proven to reduce thermal stratification, thermocline formation, reduce nitrification levels and ice formation.



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