Mix Liquids Faster using Less Energy & Maintenance

Tank mixers to help you solve mixing challenges.  Pulsair Systems builds powerful large bubble, compressed air tank mixers and agitation equipment for mixing any type of liquid in any size tank to improve tank utilization, promote faster mixing, improve operating efficiency and eliminate in-tank maintenance.

  • Powerful, non-shear mixing process to suspend solids
  • Highly energy efficient tank mixers
  • Fast, vertical mixing process suitable for any size tank
  • 100%, uniform tank mixing for all types of liquids
  • ZERO in-tank mixer maintenance
  • Adjustable mixer speed & power
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Tank mixing systems for all types of liquids and tanks

Pulsair Systems is the world leader tank mixer supplier and manufacturer for large bubble, compressed air liquid mixing and agitation technology. For 35-years, Pulsair has designed and build thousands of custom small tank mixers, large tank mixer systems for a wide variety of mixing applications with thousands of tank mixer installations in more than 40 countries. Pulsair invented and patented what is know today at “air mixing”, “pulse air mixing”, “compressed air or gas mixing”, “large bubble mixing” or “big bubble mixing”. Regardless if you are using compressed air or compressed gas, Pulsair is the #1 solution for small tank mixers, large tank mixers, stainless steel mixing tanks with agitators, IBC tote mixers, 55-gallon drum mixers and rail tank car mixers.

How it Works:

To promote fast, efficient tank mixing; quick, powerful bursts of compressed air or gas are sequentially released at timed intervals at the tank bottom through a series of air delivery pipes connected to flat round disks called accumulator plates that are attached or located on the tank bottom. The Pulsair tank mixer process involves quick bursts of compressed released laterally across the tank floor to stir up settled solids and sludge before the air is then swept back to the center of the plate to form a series of large, flat round air bubbles. Gravity then takes over and the large bubbles pull all the liquids and contents up to the surface resulting in fast, energy efficient tank mixing. This powerful mixing technology enables Pulsair’s customers to mix, agitate and blend any type of liquid including high solid liquids and high viscosity liquids in less time, using less energy and fewer moving parts in the mixing tank than traditional tank mixers.


tank mixing

Reduce your Energy Consumption:

The fast, innovative Pulsair large bubble tank mixing translates into high energy efficiency. The liquid will continue to move in the tank after the bubble reaches the surface. Therefore the tank mixer does not have to run 24/7. Once the air or gas is compressed and then released on the tank floor, no more energy is consumed. This energy savings reduces costs at the customer’s facilities. Depending on the tank mixing application, customers may reduce their mixing energy consumption up to 95%.

Mix your Liquids Faster:

The Pulsair tank mixing process is extremely fast and efficient. All the contents of the tank the were previously on the bottom of the tank are now at the top of the mixing tank in a few minutes and 100% of the liquids have been completed mixed and agitated. Many customers have reduced their tank mixing and tank blending times by up to 95%.

Lower Your Tank Mixing Maintenance:

There are ZERO moving parts inside the mixing tank with Pulsair’s non-mechanical mixing process. This features allows the owner to eliminate in-tank maintenance typically associated with traditional mechanical submersible tank mixers.  No moving parts reduces maintenance, eliminate ragging issues, eliminates clogging issues and there are no gear seals to maintain or replace.  The expense of costly top-entry tank mixer super support structures are eliminated.  Also, the need for purchasing and installing expensive tank mixer lifts, winches and hoists is also eliminated.   The zero in-tank maintenance benefit Pulsair’s tank mixers offers promote reduced maintenance, time saving and improve operation efficiency.

Mix your Liquids in any size tank.

Pulsair offers a complete line of industrial tank mixers for powerful liquid mixing in any size tank. This efficient, large bubble mixing tank process allows liquids to be quickly mixed. Besides that, Pulsair’s mixing tank systems use less energy and also require less maintenance compared to conventional mixing tank methods. Therefore, this revolutionary, non-shear tank mixing process is excellent for primary liquid blending.

And also re-suspending settled solids or re-blending separated liquids and keeping the tank fully mixed and blended.

Regardless of your tank geometry, Pulsair can custom engineer the right mixing system that fits your needs.

Pulsair’s Tank Mixers Benefits:

  • Mixes liquids in mixing tank faster than conventional tank mixers
  • More energy efficient than air spargers and mechanical tank mixers
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • Mix 100% of the tank with no baffles or dead zones
  • Mix at any liquid level for better tank utilization
  • Adjustable speed and power for maximum efficiency
  • Proven tank mixing technology with 30+ years of experience & thousands of installations
  • Custom engineered to fit any tank size, configuration or any number of tanks

Mixing Applications:

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safety kleen

Pulsair’s tank mixers has excellent reliability.  I have used Pulsair mixing tank systems in the past and Safety-Kleen has had success with it at our facilities. Pulsair has become a key component to our growing blending operations in East Chicago.”

“I was the project manager for our expansion and installing the Pulsair tank mixers was probably the most straight-forward of the all the equipment. There were no problems during installation and the startup went without any issues.”

“Pulsair’s tank mixers require very little maintenance, and what maintenance that is required is easy to do. The parts are inexpensive, modular, and easily accessible.  Everything is outside the tank at ground level. There is no confined space entry or need to take tanks off line to do maintenance.”

“Our Pulsair mixing tank system operates on nitrogen gas, which helps keep our products dry.  Keeping moisture out of our products is an important quality focus.”

“Pulsair is essentially ‘set it and forget it’ equipment.”


Jason Shoff, Refinery Operations Manager, Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc

tower oil and technology

“The Mixing Tank system uses less power, needs less maintenance and handles a wider variety of viscosities than mechanical blenders.”

Hugh Wahl, Owner, Tower Oil and Technology Co.

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