55-Gallon Drum Heating blankets – heat liquids faster with Pulsair’s 55-gallon drum mixer

Heating liquids in 55-gallon drums can be significantly accelerated with the Pulsair 5-55 Drum-Stick and a drum heater, barrel heating blanket or immersion drum heater. The 5-55 Drum-Stick is an easy-to-use, lightweight (3 lbs.) 55-gallon drum mixer that operates on compressed air. Pulses of compressed air are released at the bottom of the drum resulting in immediate vertical mixing that moves hotter liquids away the heating source. This allows liquids to heat up faster resulting in reduced heat loss, faster heating times, reduced energy consumption and overall process improvement.

The Pulsair mixing process can be used in larger tanks, rail tank cars and IBC totes where liquid products are either heated up or maintained at a higher ambient temperature.

Need an industrial, fast, easy-to-use, lightweight 55-gallon drum mixer?

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