About Pulsair

Pulsair industrial mixer systems was founded in 1983 by Richard E. Parks. Additionally Pulsair patented what is know today in the mixing world as “large bubble mixing”, “compressed air mixing”, “compressed gas mixing”, “pulsed air mixing” or other related description. They all describe the tank mixing process that Pulsair invented and proved worked to mix and blend high viscosity liquids and high solid liquids. This innovative and powerful “pulsed air technology” is the mixing and blending of liquids using sequentially injected bursts or pulses of compressed air or gas. These pulses are released through a series of flat, round disks called accumulator plates that are secured to the tank bottom. By strategically locating the accumulator plates on the tank floor, virtually 100% of the tank’s liquid contents can be uniformly mixed.

Water Tank Mixer

Pulsair’s Industrial Mixer Applications

The Pulsair industrial mixer systems can be applicable to numerous industries as: Chemicals & polymers, Slurries, Paint, inks & coating, Lubricants & fuels, Food & beverage, Wastewater, Drinking water, Rail tank cars, Agriculture & more.

Pulsair’s Industrial Mixers Benefits:

  • Faster than mechanical mixers
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • Lower cost
  • Lower energy consumption

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