Getting the right animal feeding mixture

Animal Liquid Feed Mixing

liquid animal feed mixingAnimal liquid feed mixing it is a mixture that contains nutrients of different animal species, which is composed of various raw materials of agricultural, animal, marine, chemical origin and liquid additives such as molasses, milk-whey products and vegetable oils that help bind and supplement the dry base feed together providing additional minerals, protein, essential nutrients and energy to the final livestock feed product.
All this animal liquid feed mixing can be applicable in birds, pigs, dairy cattle and meat, fish, mollusks, crustaceans; For pets such as dogs, cats, birds and horses. 

Animal liquid feed mixing preparation & storage

It is not an easy mixture to make, It doesn’t work to dump all the ingredients into the mixer randomly and hope for the best. Correct ingredient order, proportions and timing are essential. Besides that animal feed mixing must take into account the ages, the final destination, genetics and the geographic region where these animal species are raised and developed.

Farms prepare large quantities of animal liquid food mixing and leave them stored in drums. With the passage of days, these stored foods begin to settle out, because of the natural liquid additives, making this a major challenge for farmers.

Pulsair, mixing tank systems have developed the best solution for livestock feed liquid stored in drums. Thanks to the 55 gallon drum stick mixer, you can maintain liquid uniformity in any size or geometrically shaped tank. This is a quickly process that uses less energy and has zero in-tank maintenance than mechanical mixers.
The purpose of Pulsair tank mixers for animal liquid feed mixing is to consistently provide a homogenous mix even for those mixes that were stored long time ago. 

Benefits of Pulsair’s Animal liquid Feed Mixer:

  • animal liquid feed mixing
    55 Gallon Drum mixer
    Mixes high viscosity liquids quickly & efficiently
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • Promotes better tank utilization
  • Mix at any liquid level
  • Uniform temperature distribution and homogenization within the tank
  • Custom engineered to fits any size tank or number of tanks




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