Compressed Gas Mixer

Chemical Mixer

Chemical mixer
Compressed Gas Mixer

The Pulsair Chemical Mixer & compressed gas mixer is a process that works by pulsing in bursts of compressed air or inert gas through a series of one, two or more round accumulator plates located or secured at the tank bottom. The compressed gas mixer process can be used for mixing 55-gallon drums, IBC totes, tank or basins of any size, rail tank cars, diving pool wells and much more.  This innovative large bubble compressed air mixer  process harnessed the power of gravity with large bubbles sequentially released on the tank bottom.  The Pulsair compressed gas mixer is highly efficient and can keep solids and slurry suspended at any liquid level.  By strategically locating the pulse points or accumulator plates on the tank floor, 100% of the liquid contents can be quickly mixed in the tank, basin or wastewater influent/effluent mixing channel.   There is no transfer of oxygen between the rising bubbles and the liquid contents in the tank making it an mixing application for municipal wastewater application including anoxic zone mixing and anaerobic wastewater tank mixing.

Chemical Mixer Benefits

  •  Mixes faster than conventional mixers    chemical mixerEnergy efficient
  • Zero in-tank maintenance
  • Mix at any liquid level
  • Any liquid, any tank size/volume
  • Configurable for multiple tanks
  • SCADA/DCS integration


Chemical Mixer Applications

  • Industrial & chemical mixing
  • Wastewater treatment mixing
  • Lubricant oil blending
  • Wine fermentation & blending
  • Water storage tank mixing
  • Agriculture & fertilizer mixing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Rail tank car mixing
  • Diving bubbler/sparger systems


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