Pulsair® Diving sparger bubbler system

Air Safety Cushion For Diving

Diving Sparger Bubbler System

Pulsair is the leading provider and innovator of world class pool bubbler system. For over 20-years, Pulsair has manufactured and supplied diving sparger systems to the leading high schools, universities and high-end aquatic centers around the world.  Pulsair also supplied the pool bubbler systems for the 2011 & 2015 Pan American Games as well as a portable diving bubbler for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Official Supplier of USA Diving

air cushion spargerThe Pulsair air safety cushion for diving is an excellent learning tool that helps athletes at all skill levels gain the confidence to practice in a safe and fun environment. By aerating the water with compressed air in the water landing zone, a soft water and air cushion provides a gentle entry point for the diver should her or she enter the water at the wrong angle.



 pool bubble system


“We’ve had the Pulsair SoftWater Landing System installed in our pools for the past six years and the system has worked flawlessly. It meets a variety of needs for our divers and is an essential training tool for beginning and national championship caliber divers. Any college or university that is considering sponsoring a competitive diving program should have a bubbler system.”.

— Vince Panzano, Head Diving Coach, Ohio State University
Pool Bubbler System

“Our new Pulsair bubbler system allows our athletes to work on new dives that previously they were not able to out of fear of landing incorrectly. They can now push themselves farther and throw new dives because they know they have a cushion of air to soften their landing.”

— Erin Hurley, Head Diving Coach, Grinnell College
Pool Bubbler System
“”The air safety cushion for diving has given my divers a training edge and helps them perfect new dive routine. It’s a great training tool.”

— Aaron Paskvan, Head Diving Coach, Calvin College

Benefits of Pulsair Pool Bubble System:

  • Learn harder dives quicker & safer
  • Increase diver confidence & have more fun!
  • Reduce injuries & liabilities
  • Accelerate learning of new dive routines
  • Provides great depth perception for diver
  • Easy remote control activation for coach or instructor on pool deck


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university of michigan
southern methodist university
rio olympics
university of iowa
2015 pan american games
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Coral Springs aquatic center
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Grinnel College
greensboro aquatic center
2011 pan american games
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