Explosion Proof Mixer Agitators

Explosion proof mixer (XP) systems are available from Pulsair Systems that are safe and suitable for hazardous, Class I, Div. I environments where liquid mixing and agitation is required.  Pulsair explosion proof mixers are intrinsically safe to use and operate on either compressed air or inert gases.  The big bubble compressed gas mixing systems from Pulsair are both lightweight, easy to use and suitable for industrial, chemical, petro-chemical and other hazardous mixing applications.  Pulsair offers either single pulse point explosion proof mixing systems for 55-gallon drum agitation, 200-litre drum mixing, IBC tote tank mixing as well as larger diameter tanks that required multiple compressed air injection pulse points to quickly mix and agitate the liquids.

tank mixer

Benefits of Pulsair’s explosion proof mixers:

  • Safe to use in Class I, Div. I environments
  • Intrinsically safe
  • All-pneumatic, air-driven mixing
  • Can use compressed air or any inert gas
  • Mix small tanks & large diameter tanks
  • Few moving parts
  • Fast, powerful non-mechanical mixing
  • Zero in-tank maintenance
  • Mix at any liquid level
  • Variable speed drive mixer (VSD)
  • Less energy consumption
  • More predicable results
  • Improves process automation & discrete automation for all markets

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