Heating an IBC tote tank? – Speed up the heating process with a Pulsair tote mixer.

IBC tote tank blanket heaters are used to increase the temperature of liquids so the product can be poured out or prevent freezing.  The heating or reheating of liquids in IBC tote can be significantly accelerated with Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick. The Pulsair IBC tote mixers weights less than 6 pounds and is very easy to use. It works by pulsing in large bursts of air or gas into the bottom of the tote.  The large bubbles quickly move  and roll the warmer liquids away from the heating source allowing for cooler liquids to come in contact with the heating source. Unlike heavy, cumbersome top-entry impeller mixers, the industrial Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick is lightweight and can easily access the corners of the tote and bottom with damaging the mixer or the inside of the tote. Also, the Pulsair large bubble mixing process is a non-shear so the characteristics of the liquid product will not be compromised nor changed. Food grade IBC tote are available and the compressed air is pulsed in through a 60″ stainless steel probe. The all-pneumatic Pulsair tote mixer operates on either compressed air or inert gas.

Heating IBC tote tanks is similar to Pulsair’s rail tank car mixing process where compressed air is pulsed in through the bottom drain outlet of a rail car during steam heating to accelerate the heating of 20-30,000 of liquid product prior to unloading. Most rail tank car customers see a 50% reduction in heating times. The same efficient mixing process is also used in fixed storage and blending tanks fitted with heat coils and steam jackets.

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