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LP IBC Tote Mixer

IBC Tote Mixer | Portable Tank Mixing

The Pulsair® Systems IBC tote mixer for tote tank blending is the fastest, easiest-to-use, air powered IBC tote mixer on the market today.  For 35-years, Pulsair has revolutionized the liquid mixing industry through the use of sequentially injected pulses of large compressed air/gas bubbles in all size IBC tote tank containers .  This non-shear, vertical mixing process allows you to quickly mix any type of liquid at any liquid level.  Find out why Pulsair’s IBC tote mixer is the best tote mixer on the market.

  1. Safe & easy to use – anyone can operate it
  2. Lightweight & portable – only weights 5 lbs.
  3. Quickly mix all types of liquids – mix high solid slurries & high viscosity liquids
  4. Sanitary food grade mixing – safe to use on all liquid food products
  5. All-pneumatic air mixer – operates on compressed air or any inert gas
  6. Adjustable speed & power – custom settings to meet you mixing requirements

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