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The World Leader in Lubricant Blending Process

In 1983, Texaco installed what became the first Pulsair lubricant blending process system. In a large lubricant blending tank, Seattle, WA, a series of accumulator plates were installed and connected to pneumatic controller outside the tank.  The “pulse air’ mixer was turned and the tank was fully blended in less than 90-minutes – it used to take over 12-hours minimum.  In addition to cutting the blending time, Pulsair reduced the energy consumption by over 90% and significantly reduced maintenance.

Since then, Pulsair mixing system has become the world leader for fast, energy efficient and low maintenance mixing and blending system for lubricants, fuels and other petro-chemical products.  Pulsair’s powerful and innovative mixing technology allows customers to significantly reduce energy costs, reduce maintenance and can be designed to fit any size or number of tanks.

Whether you are blending base stock, additives, thinning and cutting heavy fuel emulsions or keeping storage tanks a constant temperature, Pulsair has the right solution for you. The Pulsair mixing technology has been proven to be dramatically better than older conventional mixing methods.

Pulsair lubricant blending process systems are used extensively by the some of the world’s well know petroleum customers. Pulsair has thousands of mixing installation in over 40-countries.

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“The system uses less power, needs less maintenance and handles a wider variey of viscosities than mechanical blenders.”

Hugh Wahl, Owner, Tower Oil and Technology Co.

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“No one who has used Pulsair will ever use mechanical mixing devices again”

Jorge De La Fuente, Interlube Corporation.

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“Our Pulsair mixers have been very reliable and trouble free. Pulsair is ‘set and forget’ equipment. We have had significant energy savings with Pulsair. Pulsair has cut our blend times nearly tenfold – what used to take hours now takes minutes. The biggest advantage is on the thick materials.”

Luke Wisniewski, Allegheny Petroleum

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