Mixing Vessel Systems

Pulsair manufactures a wide array of process mixing vessel systems ranging from 55-gallon drum mixers, IBC tote mixers, tank mixers, portable mixers and rail tank car mixers. All the mixing systems are custom engineered to meet the customer's respective mixing requirements for mixing and agitating any type of liquid including slurries, high viscosity liquids and high solid liquids.

How Mixing Vessel Systems Work?

Vessel Mixers are most often mounted as top entering or bottom entering, where they are mixing vesselmounted centrally on the base or top head of the reactor. Some mixers are mounted on the heads, but off to the side. Most common versions for top entry are off-center shafts parallel to the tank walls (eccentric mixers), or angled toward the center as is the case with most portable mixers.
Pulsair's vessel mixers have a big benefit than others because they are custom engineered for any size tank or vessel, they are faster than mechanical mixers and eductors, our mixing vessel systems also are energy efficient, can mix all type of liquid, they are zero in-tank maintenance, adjustable speed and power and non-shear. 


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