Heat & Blend Rail Tanks Cars Faster

Innovative rail tank car mixing:

  • Reheat liquids faster
  • Resuspend settled slurries & solids
  • Convert rail tank car to blending tank
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Industrial Tank Mixers

Accelerate the heating of liquids in rail tank cars
Re-homogenize and agitate settled solids & slurries
Turn your rail tank car into a mobile blending tank in minutes

Mixing, blending and agitating liquids in rail tank cars has never been easier when you are using Pulsair.

Since the mid 1990’s Pulsair’s rail tank car mixers & blenders have become the best solutions on the market to help customers accelerate the reheating of cold and frozen liquids and re-blend and agitate heavy settled solids in rail tanks car prior to unloading.  Pulsair is also an excellent solution blending liquids in rail tank cars quickly, efficiently and with very little maintenance.

rail tank car mixer

Benefits of Rail Tank Car Mixer:

  • Proven to shorten time-to-temperature heating process
  • More energy efficient than air spargers or mechanical mixers
  • No parts inside the rail tank car – only compressed air/gas bubbles
  • Eliminate overheating or scalding of liquid products
  • Adjustable speed and power controller for maximum efficiency
  • 30+ years of proven mixing technology for liquids with high viscosities

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