Side Entry Mixer

Pulsair® Systems is world leading supplier of industrial side entry mixer agitators that employ large compressed air or gas bubbles to mix liquids in any size tank faster and more efficiently than mechanical mixer impellers.  The Pulsair side entry mixing process has been installed and new and existing mixing tanks for 35-years with installation around the world in over 40-countries.

How the Pulsair side-entry mixing process works:

Compressed air or gas is pulsed through the side of the mixing tank wall at ground level through a single or multiple air delivery lines.  The air pulse is released at strategic pulse points under flat round plates called accumulator plates attached to the tank floor.  The inital burst of compressed air scours the tank floor to stir up settled solids before bringing them to the surface.  The rising large, flat bubbles suck and push heavier solids and liquid to the surface in a fast, energy efficient vertical mixing process that blends and mixes 100% of the liquids in the tank.   Existing tanks can be retrofitted or the side entry mixing system can be installed in new tanks.  The powerful, side-entry Pulsair mixing process can mix and blend heavy solids and high viscosity liquids faster and more efficiently than traditional mechanical mixing systems.  The Pulsair side entry mixer system can be installed in large diameter storage tanks to provide


Benefits of Pulsair’s side-entry tank mixing processes:

  • Extremely fast mixing
  • Highly energy efficient
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • Mix & blend at any liquid level
  • Adjustable speed and power
  • XP explosion proof – intrinsically safe for hazardous environments
  • VSD – variable speed drive controls
  • 35-years of experience

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