Tank Mounted Mixers

Drum Mixers

55 gallon drum mixerPulsair Systems makes the best industrial tank mounted mixers for IBC totes, 55-gallon drums and 208 Litre Drums.  Both the Pulsair IBC tote mixer (10-55 Tote-Stick) and 55-gallon mixer (5-55 Drum-Stick) can be permanently or temporarily mounted and sercured into a 2 inch bung hole on a 55-gallon drum lid or IBC tote lid.  Pulsair tank mounted mixers includes a heavy duty 2″ threaded bung clamp allowing the operator to easily mount the lightweight mixer in a IBC tote container or drum.

Pulsair’s industrial tank mounted mixers are air powered mixers and operate on compressed air or insert gases allowing them to be used in sanitary food mixing and blending applications.  The tank mounted IBC tote mixer and 55-gallon drum mixer are also safe to use in hazardous environments.

The tank mixing process for Pulsair tank mounted mixers works by blowing bursts of compressed air/gas into the tank bottom through a stainless steel probe. The large rising bubble mixing, blend and re-agitated settled or separated liquid in minutes. Both tank mounted mixers are lightweight and easy to use.


Drum Mixer Benefits

  • Fast, homogenous mixing
  • All pneumatic – operates on compressed air or inert gas
  • Heavy duty
  • Ideal for heavy solids and high viscosity liquids
  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustable speed and powerCall Pulsair to learn more.

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