Top Entry Mixer Agitators

Improve top entry mixer agitation for all types of tank mixing applications in any size tank. Top entry mixers from Pulsair® Systems are the best and most cost-effective in the world for industrial top entry mixing tanks.  The Pulsair top entry mixing process uses large compressed air mixing bubbles to mix liquids faster and more efficiently than mechanical top entry mixers.  Customers can buy any size top entry mixer agitator direct from Pulsair and our sales engineers will design a custom overhead industrial top entry mixing that will mix and agitate all types of high solids and high viscosity liquids inside any size mixing tank.  Large pulses of compressed air or gas are sequentially released on the bottom of the tank.

Single or multiple air supply lines can entry the mixing tank through the top of the tank or above the highest liquid level.  The airline(s) are attached to single or multiple pulse points attached to the bottom of the mixing tank.  This powerful large bubble top entry mixing process allows for 100% of the liquids to be mixed and agitated in the mixing tank tank at any liquid level.  Pulsair top entry mixers can be used for any type of industrial or mixing applications.  The mixing process words faster than impeller type top entry mixer agitators.  A single Pulsair top entry mixers can operate at a wide range of speeds for slow, medium or fast mixing allowing the operator to adjust the mixer to meet the tank mixing requirements.  The compressed gas mixing process is very powerful and mixes liquids fast for low and non shear mixing applications and all types of viscosity liquids.  Pulsair can ship the top entry mixer direct to your plant or tank location.

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Small Tank Portable Top Entry Mixers

Pulsair is a top entry agitator manufacturer and mixer supplier of lightweight portable mixer agitators for 55-gallon drum mixing, 200-litre drum mixing, IBC tote tank container mixing and small mixing tanks.  All of the non-mechanical top entry tank mixer agitators from Pulsair use either compressed air or inert gas to mix and stir any type of liquid.  The low shear, zero in-tank maintenance mixing design and process allows for rapid stirring of all types of liquids including paint mixing, chemical mixing and heavy viscosity mixing at an affordable tank mixer price.

55 Gallon Drum Agitator

Large Tank Top Entry Mixers

Large diameter stainless mixing tanks, FRP mixing tanks and steel mixing tanks can be retrofitted with Pulsair’s top entry mixer to suspend solids and mix the center of the tank using less electrical energy than tradition mixing processes.  There are no tank baffles, heavy top entry mixer motor mounts necessary with Pulsair’s top entry mixing process.  Pulsair has over 30-years in wastewater mixing, chemical mixing, top entry industrial tank mixing experience to custom design a mixing system that is affordable to buy at a low mixer price for any size tank.  The unique large bubble mixing process is very fast, is energy efficient and requires zero in-tank maintenance.

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Custom Design Top Entry Mixer

Pulsair Systems will customize the top entry industrial tank agitator solution to meet the unique liquid characteristics for plastic tank mixing, FRP tank mixing as well as stainless steel, sanitary food-grade mixing applications.   The Pulsair top-entry mixer works by installing air supply lines down through the roof of the tank to a series of pulse points at the tank bottom to sequentially injection powerful pulses of compressed air or gas.  The liquids in the tank mix and blend faster with Pulsair top-entry mixing process and there is no in-tank maintenance associated with the mixing process.

top entry mixer agitators

Key Benefits of Pulsair's top entry mixing solution:

  • Fast, powerful mixing
  • Heavy duty design for zero clogging and long life
  • Zero in-tank maintenance
  • Mix at any liquid level
  • Variable speed drive mixer (VSD)
  • Mix high viscosity liquids and high solid liquids
  • Explosion proof mixer option
  • Less energy consumption
  • More predicable results
  • Improves process automation & discrete automation for all markers

Contact Pulsair Systems to learn more about our fast mixing, energy efficient and low maintenance top entry mixers.