IBC tote mixing is easy with Pulsair’s Tote-Stick

IBC Tote Mixer

The lightest, fastest and easiest to operate IBC tote mixer tank in the world from Pulsair System.

Mixing up liquids in an IBC totes is done for a couple of reasons.  One is that you are primarily blending two or more liquids or additives together for the first time.  Pulsair Systems has a great solution for this because you begin the mixing process at any liquid level if you are starting with an empty tote.  The mixing process starts on the tank bottom and you can mix at any liquid level. The Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick IBC tank mixer weighs about 6 pounds and is very easy to use and operate.  It runs on compressed air or gas and sequentially pulses in large bubbles on the tank bottom.  The operator can easily control the speed and power of the mixer.  Our users tell us they love it because it only takes one person to install, works great on thick, viscous liquids and they no longer have to hassle with heavy motors and mounting brackets, hoists, fork lifts or multiple people to even get the mixer installed in the first place.


tote mixer


  1. IBC tote mixerEasy to use for uniform mixing
  2. Mixes IBC tanks fast than conventional methods
  3. Lightweight – Mixer weighs less than 6 lbs. / 2.7 kg
  4. Variable speed & power adjustments
  5. Ideal for primary mixing, reblending separated or settled solids
  6. Mixes at any liquid level
  7. All-pneumatic – Operates on compressed air, CO2 and nitrogen gases without modification
  8. Easy to clean and maintain
  9. Sanitary food-grade design
  10. Safe to use in explosion proof environments


The second reason people mix is to re-blend and re-homogenize settled and separated liquids.  Typically most liquids in IBC tote tanks need mixing and liquid agitation because the heavier particles or solids have settled out over time to the tank bottom.  Most liquids in IBC totes also need a mixer because they are custom blends of a base liquid with special additives and ingredients.  Not all liquids mix well together and some will tend to separate.

There are no spinning blades with the Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick tote mixer so you can put the stainless mixing probe right on the tank bottom or down into the corners and side walls where heavy mechanical mixers cannot go.  With Pulsair, there’s no fear damaging the probe or the tank as is the case with top entry tote mixers.  The large bubble mixing process can mix heavy solids and high viscosity products quickly and efficiently.  User can use compressed air, nitrogen or CO2 gases.  There is no shear to the product and heat is not added to the liquids as it is with mechanical tote mixers.  You can safely use it in plastic and steel IBC totes and mix without any issues.


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