Mixer Pump

Mixer Pump
Muni – wastewater tank mixing – SC

Pulsair’s mixer pump for sewer station, is unique in the sense that there are no moving parts in the pump station.  Large compressed air bubbles are released adjustable intervals right on the tank floor.  All the energy from each bubble creates a pressure zone across the tank floor to stir up settled, untreated sewage to lift and pull these solids to surface breaking up any formed grease caps.

The Pulsair sewage pump station mixing process provides excellent mixing for any size sewer pump station to ensure all the raw sewage that is pumped to the central wastewater treatment plant is properly and uniformly mixed.  There are no moving parts inside the pump station and periodic cleaning of the pump station can be eliminated entirely.

Hillsborough County FL
The Pulsair unit has been working very well. Since it has been up and running the wet well that needed cleaning once a week has needed no attention.”

— David Fox, PUD Assistant Manager, Pump Station Maintenance, Hillsborough County, FL


Sewer Pump Station Mixer Pump


Benefits of Pulsair Mixer Pump

  • Will not clog ever
  • Keeps wastewater solids properly mixed and blended in the pump station
  • Prevents grease FOG caps from forming
  • Zero maintenance inside the sewer pump station
  • Eliminates periodic cleaning and expensive services
  • No moving parts or submersible motors or blades
  • Ensures a consistent and uniform flow of raw sewage to the central wwtp
  • SCADA/plant DCS integration
  • Eliminates rag build up

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