Sewer Wet Well Mixer

Pulsair’s sewer wet well mixer is the best wet well mixer on the market today.  Sewer wet wells must be well maintained and properly mixed in order not to clog pumps with rags and solid debris.  Grease caps can typically form on the surface resulting in expensive and periodic cleaning and pumping services.

Pulsair’s large bubble mixing process can keep solids suspended, prevent formation of grease caps and ensure that the flow is consistent to the central wastewater treatment plant.  This efficient sewer wet well mixing process eliminates periodic outside solid removal pumping services and wet well cleaning.

Hillsborough County FL
The Pulsair unit has been working very well. Since it has been up and running the wet well that needed cleaning once a week has needed no attention.”

— David Fox, PUD Assistant Manager, Pump Station Maintenance, Hillsborough County, FL

Fast, efficient and low maintenance sewer wet well mixer

Benefits of Pulsair Sewel Wet Well Mixer

  • Fast, efficient mixing
  • Low energy usage
  • Homogeneous mixing of solids, silt and debris at any liquid level
  • Keeps floors free of accumulated solids and prevents grease cap formation
  • No moving parts inside sewer wet well
  • Maintains consistent flow to central wwtp
  • No clogging or issues with high solids, rags and wipes
  • Reduces plugging of pumps
  • Eliminates periodic cleaning and outside solid removal pumping services
  • Custom engineered to meet any size wet well
  • 30+ years of mixing high solids and high viscosity liquids

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