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Helping winemakers make better tasting wine and streamlining the winemaking process. Large compressed air bubbles are sequentially released beneath the grape cap to bring the juice up into and over the top of the cap. Make every grape count. Solutions for any size winery and any size tank.

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Air Mixing for Managing Red Wine Grape Caps during fermentation

Pulsair Wine Tank Mixing

Since 1986, winemakers have used Pulsair’s “pneumatage” air mixing process to mix red grape juice quickly and efficiently into contact with the floating skins. This innovative and proven air mixing process for efficiently managing red grape skin caps during primary wine fermentation and wine blending is used all over the world by hundred of winemakers to make better tasting wines. This efficient wine cap air mixing technique works by sequentially pulsing large bubbles of compressed air or gas near the bottom of the fermentation tank. The rising bubbles provide uniform temperature, keep yeasts healthy, and efficiently wet the cap to enhance the extraction of flavor, tannins and color into the juice. This process maintains freshness, reduces bacteria formation and helps expel unwanted wine mercaptans, CO2 gas and volatile sulfur compounds for a more healthy and less reductive tasting wine. Also known as ‘in-tank pump-over’ or a ‘reverse wine punch down’, the Pulsair ‘pneumatage’ process is the fastest and most efficient method to manage red grape caps. Unlike other methods, Pneumatage breaks up the cap into individual berries and circulates them in the juice, which keeps the cap in a semi-loose state making it easier and more efficient to regularly manage the cap.


Benefits of Pulsair Wine Cap Management:

  • Extract full potential from your grapes
  • Soft, round tannins
  • Fresh wines with less reduction
  • Uniform fermentation temperature
  • Healthy fermentations
  • More natural fermentations
  • Gentle homogenization
  • Less physical work


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“Wine by Joe uses Pulsair for the vast majority of cap management. From 1.5 ton bins to 35 ton tanks Pulsair efficiently mixes cold soaks and active fermentations with less physical labor. This gentle method of incorporating the cap helps to minimize sulfides and astringent tannins and easily distributes heat and juice. In the future we’re looking into applying our Pulsair units with nitrogen outside of the harvest season to mix tanks of wine, further reducing labor by cutting down on pump set up time.”

Andrew McVay, Assistant Winemaker, Dobbes Family Estates

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