Crude Oil Storage Tank Mixer

Pulsair Systems build powerful, heavy duty energy efficient mixing systems to mix large crude oil storage tanks.  The mixing process works by pulsing large bursts of compressed air/gas through a series of flat round plated welded to the tank floor.  The energy from each pulse is released laterally across the tank floor to stir up and agitate settled solids and sludge in the tank and bring this material to the surface.The process is more efficient than side entry mixer because the Pulsair mixing process starts immediately on the tank floor and lifts and pushes the heavier solids to the surface rather than push liquid laterally across the tank floor. The Pulsair mixing process has been proven to efficiently and effectively mix large diameter (100 foot plus, 3-million gallon) No. 6 oil (rediual fuel oil) or RFO on Staten Island, NY. (see above).Once the accumulator plates are attached to the tank floor and air/gas delivery pipes are plumbed in properly, there is no more in-tank maintenance.  The operate can then mix at any liquid level.

large lube tank blending
6 MG No. 6 Oil blending tank - Staten Island, NY

This efficient crude oil storage tank mixing process significantly reduces and/or can eliminate periodic and expensive crude oil storage tank cleaning.  This large oil tank mixing process can work on heavy black oils, waxy oils and heavy bitumen products.  By adequately keep the crude oil homogeneous and prevent heavier solids dropping out, operators can improve tank utilization, reduce mixing costs and maintain a uniform temperature in the tank. The Pulsair mixing system can also be installed in existing tanks and in conjunction with existing heating & steam coils.

The Pulsair Oil storage tank mixers can be applicable in any type of liquid as: Slop oil, Liquid asphalt/bitumen, Heavy fuel oil (HFO), Raw crude oil, No. 6 oil, Heavy gas oil (HGO),Unconventional oil sand crude. And also in any type of tank: Oil field crude storage tanks, Tanker barge, Rail tank car, Crude storage tanks at refinery, Finished product storage tanks, Marketing terminal storage tanks.

Lub oil tank mixing system
Large lubricant blending tank - Singapore

Benefits of Oil Storage Tank Mixer

Improve Process Efficiency:

  • Improve production & reduce wasted sludge
  • Complete 100% tank turnover and circulation
  • Better tank utilization
  • Efficient bottom>up mixing
  • Faster mixing at any liquid level
  • Outperforms side entry mixers
  • Zero in-tank maintenance
  • No more leaking on side of tank
  • Uniform product temperature
  • Accelerates and maintains heat transfer
  • Mixes independent of viscosity
  • Non-shear mixing process
  • Improves homogenization of bottom sludge & water (BS&W)

Reduce maintenance costs:

  • Zero in-tank maintenance
  • Reduce disposal waste costs
  • No seals, bearings, gears to wear out
  • Reduce sludge settling accumulation
  • Faster mixing at any liquid level
  • Minimal equipment outside tank
  • Proven technology
  • Reduce mixing energy costs
  • Improve recovery of hydrocarbons
  • Homogeneous mixing & temperature
  • Reduce slop and sludge oil that can become refinery bottleneck to process


  • Reduce staff or contractors inside tank
  • Safe to use in Class 1, Div. 1 environments
  • Safe to use with inert gases
  • Prevents product leakage commonly associated with side entry mixers
  • Gas emissions can be captured from from plant VOC system

General benefits:

  • Retro-fits or new tanks – highly flexible
  • Can be installed around existing steam and heat coils
  • Adjustable speed & power
  • Controller mixer from SCADA or plant DCS
  • Custom engineered to any size or diameter tank
  • 30+ years of successful mixing heavy viscosity’s solids and slurries

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