Lubricant Tank Blending

Liquid Mixing Systems

Pulsair got its start in lubricant blending. The very first customer of Pulsair was Texaco in 1983.  They had a lubricant blending facility on Harbor Island in Seattle, WA and their  old method of blending was an air spargering system that constantly bled compressed into the tank overnight for roughly 12-hours.   This mixing process was expensive and time consuming.  Pulsair was installed inside a similar size blending tank and with Pulsair, the Texaco was able to cut blending time to about 90-minutes.  In addition to the time savings, the customer was able to significantly cut their energy consumption.

Since 1983, Pulsair has become the leading lubricant blending equipment supplier in the world.  Pulsair systems are used by 7 of the top 8 lubricant manufacturers in the world by size.

Lubricant blending of four (4) 1 million liter

lubricant blending tanks in Mexico

Benefits Of Pulsair's Lubricant Blending Process Systems:

  • Mixes all types of lubricants faster than conventional mixers
  • More energy efficient than air spargers and mechanical mixers
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • No air entrainment
  • Non-shear – will not add heat or compromise liquid integrity
  • Blend at lower temperatures
  • Reduces risk of oxidation
  • Mix 100% of the tank with no baffles or dead zones
  • Mix at any liquid level for better tank utilization
  • Adjustable speed and power for maximum efficiency
  • Proven mixing technology with 30+ years of experience & thousands of installations
  • Custom engineered to fit any tank size, configuration or any number of tanks

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