Fuel Oil Blending Equipment

Fuel blending equipment from Pulsair, blend and mix multiple fuel components of varying viscosities in large tanks quickly and efficiently. Pulsair’s has mixed 6 MG tanks of thick No. 6 bunker fuel with high viscosities quickly, using less energy and zero in-tank maintenance compared to traditional mixing methods.  Inert gases can be used to provide a safe and non-hazardous mixing environment.

lubricant blending tank mixing
Multi-tank lubricant blending system - Lebanon, IN

How it works

This powerful mixing tank process works by sequentially releasing large compressed air/gas bubbles at the tank bottom.  As the large bubbles rise up through the liquid, they quickly push and pull bottoms liquids to the surface creating an immediate mixing pattern in the tank.  The number of “pulse points” inside the tank depends on the tank size, geometry and fuel characteristics.  There are no moving parts inside the tank and the operate has control over the speed and power of the mixing process.



lubricant tank blending

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