THM Removal Drinking Water

Pulsair’s THM removal drinking water systems, the active water tank mixing and THM removal process (trihalomethane) are the best and most efficientTHM removal from water process on the market today. The THM removal process can be accomplished quickly by using Pulsair’s large bubble, compressed gas mixing process.  It works by sequentially releasing 100% clean, filtered large compressed air mixing bubbles at the tank bottom of water storage tank or through the side of vertical inlet/outlet pipe feeding an elevated water tank.  THMs are a DBP (disinfection byproduct) are formed naturally when organic materials react with chlorine.  The Pulsair System tank mixing process is highly efficient and allows the water utility operator to control the speed and power of the mixing process in any size tank.  As each air pulse rises to the surface, it exposes more water to the atmosphere allowing for volatile organic compounds to released.  Fast, energy efficient mixing with Pulsair allow for 100% homogenizing of the temperature, uniform water age and equal distribution of drinking water disinfectants.   The THM removal process becomes necessary when the new water enter in the tank short circuits and is also the first water to exit the tank.  Inadequate mixing allows for organic compounds to have a long contact period with organic compounds that make their way into the tank.

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The Pulsair active water tank mixer offers water operators lower cost of ownership over the lifetime of the water tank mixing system that can help remove and strip out THMs and keep the drinking water properly mixed.  The large bubble water tank mixing system from Pulsair is clean, efficient and NSF approved.

water tank mixer

Benefits of Pulsair THM Removal Drinking Water System

  • Keeps THMs from forming
  • Reduce Trihalomethane by 50% without the use of extra aeration equipment
  • Zero in-tank maintenance & no moving parts inside the tank
  • Strips out THM from water with no in-tank moving parts
  • NSF certified
  • 35+ years of fast, efficient and zero in-tank maintenance
  • Fits any size or geometrically shaped water storage tank

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