Sanitary Mixing Tanks

sanitary Mixing Tanks
Food oil tank blending system – Ontario, OR

Extraction is an important process in many food and beverage making applications.  From red wine (maceration), to cold coffee extraction, solids are usually added to a base liquid or water at varying temperatures and need to be periodically mixed and stirred within the tank in order to enhance the extraction process for color, flavor, aromas and other elements.

Benefits of using Pulsair’s Sanitary Mixing Tanks to enhance food extraction

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve & streamline process
  • Enhance contact time between solids and base liquids
  • Non-shear mixing & stiring process
  • Uniform temperature stabilization
  • Variable speed & power settings
  • Inert gas blanket stabilization
  • Plant DCS integration


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Examples of enhance food extraction processes using Pulsair:

  • Red wine fermentation
  • White wine fermentation (stirring of lees)
  • Cold coffee batch brew process
  • Tea product for finished process
  • Cider production with pomace must
  • Mead
  • Fruit musts