Tank Temperature Stabilization

The sanitary Pulsair food & beverage mixing process is idea for stabilizing hot and cold temperatures in any size tank.  Cooling and chilling is often used to reduce temperatures from one processing temperature to another or required for storage.  The object of cooling is usually necessary to extend the shelf-life or reduce the rate of microbiological and biochemical changes in the food.

Winemakers employ cold stabilization for a variety of reasons including separating unstable ionic salts and prevent tartaric salt from precipitating out of wine during storage.  Many winemakers also will cold soak their wine prior to the inoculation the regular fermentation process. The cooling element usually consists of dimpled cooling jackets on the exterior of the tank for glycol and water.  Panels may also be inserted into the tank prior to the tank being filled.

For proper temperature stabilization, the liquid, wine or other product must be gently stirred within the tank without compromising the product.  Large pulsed of inert gases with Pulsair’s non-shear mixing process will quickly provide uniform temperature within the tank.

Many liquid food products must also be either reheated to a desired pumping temperature as is typically the case when transporting editable oil and sugars in rail tank cars during winter months or cooler temperature periods.  Time-to-temperature can be accelerated when using Pulsair to move and mix the liquid around the tanks allowing colder products to come in contact with heating source -either internal heating coils or coils embedded into the tank walls.

In vertical tanks, heat rises resulting in uneven temperatures.  Air or gas bubbles rise too making Pulsair the most efficient and fastest mixing process for maintaining temperatures in any size tank, rail tank car, IBC tote and 55-gallon drums.

Benefits of using Pulsair process with heating or cooling:

  • Sanitary & safe mixing
  • Achieve uniform temperature quickly using less energy
  • Non-shear mixing process
  • Mix and blend at any liquid level
  • Use clean compressed air or any inert gas
  • Zero in-tank maintenance
  • Any size tank or geometry
  • Operate multiple tanks from single controller
  • Plant DCS integration

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