IBC Tote Mixer

Innovative IBC tote mixing solutions

Pulsair Systems has the best IBC tote mixer for quickly mixing and agitating any type of slurry and high viscosity liquids in stainless steel and plastic IBC tote containers. Pulsair is the leading manufacturer of all-pneumatic, air-powered IBC tote mixers.  Pulsair’s lightweight and innovative air powered IBC mixer helps users agitate and blend faster to save time and with less hassle.  The large bubbler air/gas mixing process is ideal for mixing chemicals in standard IBC and bag-in-a-box totes.  There are no moving parts with the Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick allowing operators to safely mix and agitate settled solids on the tank floor and corners.

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Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick Mixer – How it works:

The Pulsair IBC tote mixing process works by pulsing in bursts of compressed air or gas into the IBC tote tank.  This efficient process of sequentially injecting air pulses through a stainless steel mixing probe mounted on the IBC tote lid bung hole will quickly mix and agitate liquid in any size tote tank.  The compressed air/gas pulses released on the tote tank bottom create huge flat air bubbles that mix and blend the liquids faster than conventional mechanical or impeller type tote mixers.  Heavier liquids are forced up to the surface creating an immediate vertical circular blending action in the tote. The Pulsair tote mixer can blend and mix any type of liquid quickly at any liquid level in the IBC tote tank container.  There are no moving parts with Pulsair’s tote mixer making it safe and easy to use in any environment.  Settled solids and high viscosity liquids can be quickly homogenized and remixed in any size intermediate bulk container tank in minutes with Pulsair’s powerful pneumatic, air powered tote agitator.  Pulsair has the best IBC tote mixers for sale to mix standard poly IBC totes, plastic lined totes and stainless steel tote containers.

Benefit of Pulsair’s IBC Tote Mixer

  • Fast, 100% complete IBC tote mixing
  • Lightweight – IBC Mixer weighs less than 6 lbs. / 2.7 kg
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Mix liquids at any level in the IBC tote tank
  • Mix 1000 liter IBC totes quickly
  • Non-shear mixing process as well as mixes high viscosity liquids and liquids with high percentage of solids
  • No moving parts – safe for corrugated, bag-in-a-box liquid tote containers
  • All-pneumatic lightweight controller – operates on compressed air or inert gas
  • (XP) Explosion proof – safe to use in intrinsic, hazardous environments
  • Sanitary, food-grade stainless steel wet component
  • Adjustable speed & power

Portable, Industrial IBC Tote Mixer:

The Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick IBC mixer is lightweight, portable  and weights only ~6 lbs (~2.7 kg).  The 1000 liter IBC tote agitator is the smallest and lightest tote mixer on the market to buy and very easy to use.  The liquids can be quickly and safely mixed by mounting the mixer through the tote lid opening hole and pulsing the compressed air into the bottom and far corners of the tote tank.  Unlike heavy bridge mounted tote mixers, no extra motor bridge mounts are required.

IBC Tote Lid Mixer:

The IBC mixer includes a stainless steel bung clamp allowing the operator to easily mount the tote mixer in a IBC lid with a 2 inch NPT threaded opening.  The Pulsair tote agitator can be used to mix liquids in any type of IBC tote tank and any size or dimension tote tank including food grade totes, 180-gallon tote mixing, 250-gallon tote mixing, 275-gallon totes, 300-gallon totes, 330-gallon totes, 450-gallon totes and 550-gallon tote.  The mixer will also work in other size liquid bulk packaging tote containers and disposable corrugated bag-in-a-box liquid IBC tote packaging systems and 1000 liter totes.

Sanitary, Food-Grade IBC Tote Mixer:

Pulsair’s food-grade stainless steel IBC tote mixer agitator is sanitary and safe for food-grade mixing and blending applications.  Clean, compressed air or nitrogen gas may be used to mix and blend the tote liquids quickly without oxidizing the product.  The large air mixing bubbles will not entrain the product with air.  Heavier solids that have settled out over time and transport and liquids that have separated can be re-homogenized in the tote tank in minutes with Pulsair’s sanitary IBC mixing equipment.  Pulsair’s stainless steel IBC tote stirrer is a safe to use with all types of liquid food products for tote agitation and blending.

Air Operated IBC Tote Mixer:

The 10-55 Tote-Stick IBC mixer is an all-pneumatic, air driven tote mixer agitator.  Compressed air or gas can be used to operate the tote agitator in IBC containers.  No electricity is required to operate this tote mixer.  The operator has control of the mixing speed and mixing power on the air operated industrial pneumatic tote mixer. This allows the operator the opportunity to adjust the mixing intensity for mixing all different types of liquids including high viscosity liquids and high solid liquids.

Fast, Efficient Tote Mixing:

Pulsair’s efficient, vertical ‘bottom-up’ gravity mixing process for blending and agitating liquids in drums makes it the fastest IBC tote tank mixer agitator on the market.  Operators can quickly mix any type of high viscosity liquid and high solid liquids in minutes at any liquid level in the tote.  Similar to a 1-gallon paint shaker, it is the air bubble that is doing the actually mixing of the paint.  Pulsair takes this same efficient air mixing process and applies it to mixing any size IBC tote tank.  Pulsair also has fast, efficient, low maintenance mixing system for 55-gallon drums, small tanks, large tanks and rail tank cars.   The mixing speed and power on the Pulsair mixer are completely adjustable allowing the operator true variable speed capabilities.

Explosion Proof IBC Tote Mixer:

The Pulsair IBC tote mixer agitator operates on compressed air or any inert gas making it a safe and suitable tote mixing system for mixing solvents or other hazardous liquid materials in an explosion proof environment.  There is no electrical connection required for the air/gas powered Pulsair tote mixing equipment making the tote agitator  intrinsically safe to use in Class I, Div. I hazardous areas.   The non-electrical, XP explosion proof IBC tote mixing feature makes the Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick mixer the best explosion proof mixer for tote tank mixing and blending.

Non-mechanical IBC Tote Mixer:

The non-mechanical air mixing process is perfect for re-homogenizing liquids in corrugated bag in a box liquid totes or polyurethane foam insulated liquid totes.  The non-shear, large bubble IBC tote mixing process will not damage the interior or the LDPE plastic bag liner nor change the characteristics of the liquid.  The liquids in the tote tank can be quickly reblended and there is no fear of damaging the plastic liner or the Pulsair tote mixer.  Buy the Pulsair IBC tote mixer today for the best non-shear mixing in tote containers with plastic liners or soft foam construction.  There are no gears, motors, impeller blades or direct drive components associated with this type of Pulsair IBC tote mixing making it safe to use.

Heat IBC Totes Faster:

Liquids in IBC tote mixing tanks can be heated faster by mixing the liquids in the tote tank at the same time the tote is being heated.  IBC tote heater blankets can be attached to the outside of the tote during mixing.  By rotating the liquid across the heat source with a Pulsair tote mixer, time-to-temperature can be significantly shorted as the heat transfer time across the liquid is reduced.   Six inch lid caps with two (2) 2 inch NPT threaded openings can also be used allowing for a tote immersion heater to be used with a the non-mechanical Pulsair IBC tote mixer at the same time.  Since there are no moving parts inside the drum with Pulsair, there is no fear of damaging the drum immersion heater.  Accelerating the liquid heating process can improve efficiency, reduce energy costs and help operators pump out the liquids faster.

Application IBC tote mixers – Industrial mixers

  • Mixs for waste water treatment, water purification and flocculation
    Mix chemicals in IBC totes
    Mixers for pilot plants and research
    Mix paints, varnishes and adhesives in IBC tote
    Mix food & beverage applications
    Mix sugar & salt solutions in IBC totes
  • Mix polyetheyne IBC totes
    Mix stainless steel IBC totes
    Mix in 1000 liter tote tanks
    Mix in any size IBC totes

What Pulsair’s IBC Tote Mixer’s Customers say:

“Since we started using Pulsair, our production and bottling process have greatly improved,” said Mitch Davis, founder of Mission Fertilizer. “Due to the nature of our all-organic liquid fertilizers, they tend to separate out and we needed non-shear mixing to keep the fertilizer homogenous. The lightweight Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick mixer is a perfect solution for us. As a quality control measure, we have incorporated the Pulsair mixing technology in our retail bottling process to re-blend our tanks and keep solids in suspension and uniform. The Pulsair tote mixer has helped us save time and made life easier in the warehouse. The mixer is simple and easy to use and helps us keep solids from accumulating in the tank corners and allows us to mix at any liquid level. Anyone who is still using recirculating pumps or heavy mechanical tote mixers should really consider Pulsair”.

— Mitch Davis, Founder, Mission Fertilizer

“We use Pulsair’s tote mixer to reblend our asphalt ink and sealing additives because it mixes faster and one guy can easily install and use it. I’ll never use a mechanical mixer in my totes again. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to save time and money”.

Contact Pulsair today to learn more about Pulsair’s fast, efficient IBC tote tank mixer agitators.