Food Tank Mixers

Pulsair is the world leader in fast, efficient food tank mixers. The Pulsair food tank mixers are compatible to any size tank and allows operators to streamline their production process, reduce energy consumption and eliminate in-tank maintenance all together.

Customized solutions, for all types of liquid foods, beverage & diaries blending, from drinking water, juices, brew, carbonated drinks, concentrates & purees, Jam & Marmalade, soup, sauces, vegetables & fruit canning, baby food, milk, cheese, yogurt, soy milk, food additives.

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Food oil tank blending system - Ontario, OR

How it works?

Our food tank mixers work through sequentially releasing bubbles at timed intervals. Thereby creates immediate vertical circulation in the tank and mixes 100% of the tanks contents. The sudden release of air shocks the liquids, setting the liquid molecules in motions.  As the air pulse is “squeezed out” beneath the open accumulator plate. This shoots out laterally in a 360 degree direction sweeping the settled solids on the tank floor creating a pressure zone around the plate.The air then accumulates over the plate into large, oval shaped bubbles.  Underneath these large, wide bubbles, a vacuum is created that quickly pull the bottom liquids and solids up to the surface.  After the pulse of compressed air is instantaneously released, gravity and physics take over to force the air bubble to the liquid surface. As the bubble rises it also pushes the liquid above it up and out toward the tank perimeter. With no moving parts and minimal maintenance, pulsed air mixing tank technology reduces the need for extra maintenance, tank downtime and costly repairs commonly associated with mechanical mixing tank systems.

Benefits of Pulsair Food Tank Mixers

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve & streamline process
  • Enhance contact time between solids and base liquids
  • Non-shear mixing & stiring process
  • Uniform temperature stabilization
  • Variable speed & power settings
  • Inert gas blanket stabilization
  • Plant DCS integration

The Pulsair food tank mixers can be used in:

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