Fertilizer Mixing

Liquid Fertilizer Mixing Tank

Pulsair designs and manufactures liquid fertilizer mixing tank equipment. Fast and efficient mixing tanks systems designed to assist agricultural applicators with the proper tank mixing sequence of liquid fertilizer.

Fertilizers have been used to provide nutrients to soils, due some of them are too poor to grow. That substances were generally made in form of salts or easily soluble in water to enrich the soil. The application of the fertilizers substances in sowing, will help for the adequate growth of plants, trees, meadows and shrubs.

The fertilizers are injected into the irrigation systems. In order to guaranteed the perfect dosage and effect in application, they should acquire a good mixture or solution in water.

In many cases, the fertilizers liquids tend to separate and or settle out over time before being applied in the fields. For this reason Pulsair has different liquid fertilizer mixing tank solutions for 55-gallon drums, IBC tote and tanks of any size or shape.  The non-shear mixing process is perfect for quickly homogenizing fertilizer liquids of different characteristics and viscosity’s and easily re-blends separated or settled fertilizers into a uniform consistency.

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“Since we started using Pulsair, our production and bottling process have greatly improved,” said Mitch Davis, founder of Mission Fertilizer. “Due to the nature of our all-organic liquid fertilizers, they tend to separate out and we needed non-shear mixing to keep the fertilizer homogenous. The lightweight Pulsair 10-55 Tote-Stick mixer is a perfect solution for us. As a quality control measure, we have incorporated the Pulsair mixing technology in our retail bottling process to reblend our tanks and keep solids in suspension and uniform. The Pulsair tote mixer has helped us save time and made life easier in the warehouse. The mixer is simple and easy to use and helps us keep solids from accumulating in the tank corners and allows us to mix at any liquid level. Anyone who is still using recirculating pumps or heavy mechanical tote mixers should really consider Pulsair”.

Mitch Davis, Founder, Mission Fertilizer

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