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The non-shear mixing process from Pulsair Systems is a versatile and seed treatment mixing friendly method for agitating seed treatments slurries and emulsions.  The mixing process works by pulsing bursts of compressed, pressurized air into the tank bottom to completely mix and homogenize primary blending of seed treatment recipes or re-suspend and uniformly re-blend separated formulas or individual ingredients.  The mixing process is safe, fast and requires little maintenance.

Agitating  liquid based seed treatment slurry concentrates with a portable non-shear Pulsair mixer is safer on the seeds and helps maintain the integrity of the seeds allowing for increased crop yields. The Pulsair bubble agitation process allows for more a homogenous mixing and keeps the seed treatment solution in proper concentration.

  • Benefits of Pulsair’s Seed Blending Equipment for Mixing Process:
  • Mix high viscosity liquid & slurries quickly
  • More efficient than mechanical mixers
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • Increase crop yield
  • Safe, non-shear blending and mixing is safe
  • Maintains homogeneous solutions|
  • Customized for drum, IBC totes and larger storage/blending tanks
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livestock liquid feed mixer

““Thank you for your help in solving our custom blend mixing problems. The components of our seed treatment custom blends are clay/silica based suspension concentrates or flowables that have viscosities of 500 to 1500 cP. Your Pulsair system was a great solution to our needs of making seed treatment custom blends more quickly and with improved mixing. Our mixing time has been cut by 70-80 percent with the result of having more homogeneous blends in the end. Typical custom blend mixing in our 300gal blend chamber once took 20-30 minutes but now takes 5-8 minutes producing the best blends that we have ever made. To my knowledge there is no better technology for our custom blending needs. Trust me, we looked but didn’t find it. Pulsair is affordable, safe, effective to use, and requires little energy input to operate. To my knowledge there is no better technology for our custom blending needs.

Mike Erickson, Seed Treatment Specialist, McGregor

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