Mixing Tank Process

Mixing Tank Process

Mixing Tank Process Mix with the experts

Pulsair mixing tank process involves sequentially injecting large compressed air/gas bubbles on the tank bottom. In this way, high solid concentrations and high viscosity liquids for thick sewage sludge, wastewater, lubricant oils, chemicals, food & beverage applications and much more can be quickly mixed and blended. Moreover, there are no moving parts inside the tank and the pulse air mixing systems can be installed in concrete, steel, FRP and poly tanks of any size, volume or geometry. The pulse air mixing systems are suitable for retrofits and new tank construction. The large bubble pulse air mixing process is ideal for lowering energy costs, reducing energy costs and eliminating tank clean out. The air pulses are release on the tank floor to stir up and agitate settled solids and keep tank floors clean. This reduces time, improves efficiency and save energy and money.

Mixing Tank Process Benefits

  • High mixing efficiency
  • No moving parts inside tank
  • Mixes high solids and thick sludges
  • Efficient sequential pulse air injection
  • Any geometry tank
  • Suitable for retrofits and new construction
  • Install in steel, concrete, poly or FRP tanks
  • Low maintenance
  • Eliminates tank clean out

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