Cap Management Wine

How does it work?
Answer:  Large compressed air/gas bubbles are sequentially released near the tank bottom.  The air bubbles break the cap into individual berries and bring the juice over the top to enhance the extraction process.

Can I use another gas such as nitrogen?
Answer: Yes, you can switch from compressed air to compressed nitrogen or other inert gases without any modification to the Pulsair mixing system.

What size tank can I mix or blend in with Pulsair?
Answer:  You can use Pulsair in any size or geometrically shaped tank.  Additionally, you can operate up to 48-tanks from a single touchscreen Pulsair PPC Pneumatage controller.

How long has this technology been used in the wine industry?
Answer:  The first winery to trial Pulsair was Columbia Crest in Grandview, WA in the later 1980’s.  It was a great success and Columbia Crest continues to use Pulsair in their wine making operations today.

How much does it cost?
Answer:  Basic portable system can start at around $5,000.  Wine Carts and large permanent multi-tank mixing systems are more.

What equipment do I need for open top fermentors?
Answer:  Pulsair has custom build open top probes or wands for open fermentation tanks.  Using this probe makes turning the cap easier & faster than punch-down.

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