Wine Cold Soak Management

Efficient method for maintain healthy fermentation and uniform temperature during wine cold soak during pre-fermentation. Pre-fermentation cold soak wine is a technique some winemakers employ for a few days prior to inoculating the ferments for Pinot and other reds. The goal is to encourage more color and flavor extraction from the skins into the juice. In which, whole or crushed berries and juice are put into stainless steel fermentors with dimpled cooling jackets. In addition, Glycol and water is then pumped through the jacket to lower the temperature to the desired point.  Without proper stirring of the wine uneven temperatures and hot spots can compromise the cold soak process. Pulsing compressed inert gases into the tank below the cap with Pulsair is a quick and easy way to bring the juice up over the top of the cap to enhance this process and maintain a uniform temperature in the tank. The Pulsair mixing tank technique saves time, reduces labor costs and keeps the caps loose and broken up into individual berries to make normal cap management.

Benefits of use Pulsair Mixing Tank for Cold Soak Wine:

  • Gentle on grape skins
  • Faster than pump-overs
  • Improve productivity in cellar
  • Enhances color intensity and complex flavor extraction from the skins to the the juice
  • Improve aromatics
  • Uniform temperature stabilization
  • Keeps the cap loose & prevents them from seizing up
  • Prevents spoilage

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