PPC Pneumatage

Wine Mixing Tank for Fermentation Cap

Pulsair has developed the PPC Pneumatage, wine mixing tank system based on a custom software program coded and developed especially for the wine industry. The PPC Pneumatage controller is easy to  operate from a simple easy-to-use touchscreen user interface.  The winemaker is able manage the fermentation in up to 48 individual tanks from central location.

Benefits of Wine Mixing Tank:

  1. Fully automated fast & efficient cap management
  2. Excellent method to aerate wine of volatile sulfur compounds and CO2
  3. Gentle on fruit & enhances extraction of color, tannins and aroma
  4. Manage fermentation in up to 48 tanks from a single touchscreen controller
  5. Easy to operate and change mixing parameter for each tank
  6. Suitable for all size tanks
  7. Precise controls for each tank
  8. Adjustable & reliable mixing settings
  9. Greater seed extraction
  10. Eliminates cross-contamination
  11. Extraordinary quality control & repeatability
  12. Lowers labor and maintenance cost compared to other cap management methods

Features of PPC Pneumatage:

  1. Operates on compressed air or inert gas withoutmodification
  2. Custom design and program to meet different winemaker needs
  3. Proven technology built on 30-years of experience in wine industry
  4. Can also be used for wine blending
red wine cap fermentation
Monterey Wine Co - King City, CA

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