Asphalt Sealcoating & Emulsion

Asphalt Liquid MixerPulsair’s asphalt liquid  mixer for sealcoat slurries can be done quickly and easily with Pulsair’s large bubble tank mixing process.  This fast, efficient and low maintenance tank mixing process can be designed to fit any size drum, tote or asphalt storage or blending tank.

Asphalt Slurry Sealcoat Mixing & Agitation

The Pulsair mixing process allows operators to mix tanks at any liquid level with zero in-tank maintenance.  Pulsair’s asphalt sealcoat mixing equipment can easily handle high viscosity liquids.  It also works very well to mix and reblend inks and other liquid additives that settle out over time or during the offseason.

Benefits of Pulsair’s Asphalt Liquid Mixer:

  • Mixes liquid asphalt faster than conventional mixers
  • More energy efficient than air spargers and mechanical mixers
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • Mix 100% of the tank with no baffles or dead zones
  • Mix at any liquid level for better tank utilization
  • Adjustable speed and power for maximum efficiency
  • Proven mixing technology
  • Custom engineered to fit any tank size, configuration or any number of tanks

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