Frac Tank Mixer

frac tank mixer
Frac tank mixer is challenging due to the geometry and shape of many frac tanks.  Top-entry mixers are expensive, consume a lot of power and require frequent maintenance and/or replacement.

The frac tank mixer from Pulsair allows operators to homogeneously and quickly mix high solids and high viscosity liquids at any liquid level.  Pulsair mixing systems can be temporarily installed and removed in rented frac tanks.  The mixing process is proven to mix oil/gas liquids including but not limited to slickwater and gelling agents, complete hydraulic fracturing fluid blends, slurries, drilling mud, silica sand, wastewater and many other liquids in frac tanks that are prone to settling or liquid separation.

Pulsair will custom engineer a frac tank mixing system that meets your specific mixing requirements and tank geometry.

tank mixer

frac tank mixing

Benefits of Mix Frac Tanks with Pulsair

  • Zero in-tank maintenance
  • Powerful mixing for high solids & high viscosity liquids
  • Non-shear mixing
  • Quickly mix and blend at any liquid level
  • Low energy consumption
  • Adjustable speed & power
  • No dead zones or tank baffles
  • 30+ years of efficient tank mixing expertise
  • Custom engineered to fit any chemical frac tank

Frac Tank Mixer Applications

  • Slickwater
  • Wastewater/Water
  • Gelling agents
  • Hydraulic fracturing fluids
  • Thickening/gelling agents
  • Guar gum & polymers
  •  Proppants
  • Silica sand
  •  Water
  • Other chemical additives
  • Slurries & sludge
  • Drilling mud
  • Any liquid that settles and/or separates

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