Industrial Paints & Coatings Mixers

Pulsair industrial paint mixer systems is the leading provider of industrial paint mixers for blending and mixing paints and coatings.

Industrial Paint Mixer
Mixing Tank Systems

The Pulsair paint mixing process is fast, highly efficient and uses less energy to uniformly mix and reblend separated and settle solids in paint.  The process is ideal for all size tanks, totes and drums. Our industrial paint & coating mixings systems are highly efficient, cost-effective and well suited for any paint or coating regardless of its viscosity.

Pulsair offers a full range of bulk tank mixers for paint and coatings that include a 5 to 55 gallon drum mixer, a tote mixer(stainless steel, plastic, cardboard or “bag in a box”) and an IBC mixer (Intermediate Bulk Containers). For larger individual ink & pigment mixing tanks as well as tank farms, we offer custom built mixing solutions.

Advantages of Pulsair’s¬†Industrial Paint Mixer:

  • Yields a more fully homogenized paint mixture with less efforts
  • Eliminates the risk of repellency (oil dripping from mechanical mixers into the paint)
  • Helps control foaming, skinning and air entrainment
  • Reduce mixing times and eliminates downtime
  • Uses less energy than alternative options
  • Eliminates need for costly electrical mixers that need to be explosion proof
  • Quickly brings the finished paint product to full color strength after adding heavy
  • pigments and powder additives
  • Mixing systems will fit any size tank (5 to 55 gallon drums, totes, IBCs, etc.)

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