Mud Slurry Mixer

Slurry mixerPulsair offers customized mud slurry mixer systems that are heavy duty and require zero in-tank maintenance.  Pulsair can be used in a wide range of high solid mud slurries to re-agitate settled solids and maintain uniform distribution of all liquids and sediment in the tank, basin or IBC tote. The Pulsair mixing system can be custom engineered to fit any size tank or vessel. All Pulsair tank mixers are constructed of rugged materials and can perform in all types of hostile environments. The Pulsair mixing systems require zero in-tank maintenance saving customers time and reducing labor costs.

Mud Slurry Mixer Applications:

  • Drilling mud slurries used in oil & gas exploration
  • Clay slurries
  • Bentonite based mud slurries
  • Polymer based mud slurries
  • Oil-based mud slurries
  • Synthetic based mud slurries
  • Water based mud slurries

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