Pulp & Paper Mixing Systems

Pulsair Systems remains committed to reducing operational costs in the pulp & paper industry with its proven energy efficient mixing process.

Pulp Stock Chest Mixing & Agitation Equipment

Pulsair Systems is the leading provider of industrial pneumatic (air or nitrogen) mixing and agitation equipment for the pulp and paper industry.

The Pulsair pulp stock chest mixing process allows for 100% of the pulp stock to be quickly mixed and agitated at any liquid level and in any size tank or vessel.

Our industrial pulp stock mixing systems are efficient at agitating the stock chest because the mixing begins at the bottom of the stock chest tank or vessel. Large compressed air or gas bubbles are sequentially released and rise to the surface creating a vertical mixing process that eliminates poorly mixed zones, stagnation costing less and using less energy. and the viscosity or density of the paper pulp solution, slurry or wastewater sludge.

Pulp mill applications for Pulsair Systems’ mixers:

  • Pulp stock chest mixing
  • Pulp digester mixing
  • Kraft recovery process
  • Groundwood (mechanical pulp) and TMP (thermomechanical pulp) blending tanks
  • Latency Chests
  • Wastewater treatment process

Advantages of the Pulsair’s industrial mixers for pulp and paper:

  • Successfully breaks up heels, solids, stratification and heavy liquids in liquor tanks that can build up after long term storage
  • Effectively homogenizes and mixes different components in very large tanks during kraft process
  • Prevents sedimentation of solids in backwater storage holding tanks
  • Uses drastically less energy than any mechanical mixer
  • Low maintenance and virtually no down time
  • Eliminates need for capital purchases of multiple submersible, side-entry or vertically mounted mechanical mixers
  • Will not damage the interior of the tank nor the integrity of the pulp solution
  • Pulsair mixing systems can be engineered to fit any size pulp stock tank or vessel

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