Titanium Dioxide Slurry Mixing Tank

Titanium Dioxide Slurry Mixer

Slurry Mixing TankThe Pulsair slurry mixing tank can mix titanium dioxide slurry pigment slurries quickly, efficiently and with zero in-tank maintenance.  The powerful tank mixing process keeps solids suspended and uniformly blending into the tank.  The non-shear mixing process is great for holding and storage tanks as well as transport tanks such as IBC tote, rail tank cars and “bag-in-a-box” bulk storage vessels and containers.  The primary wet pre-mixed finished TiO2 pigment slurries.

Benefits of Titanium Dioxide Slurry Mixing Tank:

  • Maintains homogeneous, uniform slurry of high solid TiO2
  • More energy efficient than air spargers and mechanical mixers
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance – no plugging of airlines or clogging in pumps
  • Mix 100% of the tank with no baffles or dead zones
  • Mix at any liquid level for better tank utilization
  • Adjustable speed and power for maximum efficiency
  • Proven mixing technology with 30+ years of experience & thousands of installations
  • Custom engineered to fit any tank size, configuration or any number of tanks

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