Ink & Pigment Mixing

Industrial Ink & Pigments Mixing Solutions

Pulsair is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial ink & pigment mixings systems are highly efficient, cost-effective and well suited for any ink regardless of its viscosity.

Pulsair offers a full range of bulk tank mixers for inks & pigments that include a 5 to 55 gallon drum mixer, a tote mixer(stainless steel, plastic, cardboard or “bag in a box”) and an IBC mixer (Intermediate Bulk Containers). For larger individual ink & pigment mixing tanks as well as tank farms, we offer custom built mixing solutions.

Benefits of Pulsair mixing process for ink & pigment:

  • Yields a more fully homogenized ink & pigment mixture with less efforts
  • Reduce mixing times by mixing in the original container
  • Eliminates sludge and solids
  • Uses less energy than alternative options
  • Eliminates need for costly electrical mixers that need to be explosion proof
  • Mixing systems will fit any size tank (5 to 55 gallon drums, totes, IBCs, etc.)

“We use Pulsair’s tote mixer to reblend our asphalt ink and sealing additives because it mixes faster and one guy can easily install and use it. I’ll never use a mechanical mixer in my totes again. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to save time and money.”

Scott McClausland, Plant Manager, Special Asphalt Products

special asphalt products

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