Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Plant Mixers

Pulsair uses round open plates that sequentially release time pulses of compressed, pressurized air that shoot out horizontally on the tank floor that scour and agitate the settled solids on the bottom.  These solids are then swept up above the large bubbles and sucked up underneath and pulled to the liquid surface.  This mixing process is fast, energy efficient and requires zero in-tank maintenance.

supplemental basin mixing
wastewater mixing solutions

The aerobic wastewater treatment plant mixers is a process in which bacteria consumes organic matter and converts it into carbon dioxide. The energy costs incurred when adding oxygen to this aeration process make this one of the more expensive wastewater treatment phases. Typically diffusers are installed on the tank floor where they release fine or coarse air bubbles. Pulsair mixing systems are ideally suited for this type of process because of the vertical mixing motion that occurs. This type of mixing maximizes contact between water and oxygen thus accelerating the aeration process and reducing overall costs.

aeration mixing

Pulsair provides supplemental mixing in a 200 ft x 75 ft aerobic aeration tank in video below  Submersible impeller mixers were pulled out in favor of Pulsair.  The video show the Pulsair in operations with the diffusers turned off.  The customer would never be able shut off diffusers when they had submersible mixers in the past because too much solids would accumulate on the tank floor.  The submersible mixers were only pushing the solids horizontally across the tank.  It was very inefficient, a waste of money and  resulted in ineffective mixing when the submersible mixers were installed and operational.

Benefits of Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Plant Mixers

  • Keep all settled solids uniformly suspended and off the tank floor for maximum
  • wastewater treatment processing
  • More energy efficient than air spargers and mechanical mixers
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance – no moving parts inside the tank
  • Customized for any size tank or basin geometry
  • Use with fine bubble / course bubble diffusers
  • Accelerates aeration process by keeping small bubbles in suspension longer
  • Mix 100% of the liquids for better tank utilization
  • Mix at any liquid level
  • Adjustable speed and power controller for maximum efficiency
  • SCADA integration capabilitiesEasily retrofitted into existing tanks & basins

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