Anoxic / Anaerobic Zone Treatment

Anoxic Mixer Design

Anoxic Mixer Design
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Pulsair presents the anoxic mixer design for anoxic zones promote denitrification by combining nitrates and organic microbiological material.  Pulsair offers wastewater treatment facilities the best mixing solution anoxic / anaerobic wastewater treatments zones.  The large compressed air bubbles scour and sweep the tank floor to keep solid suspended and uniformly distributed within the tank.  The large bubbles pass quickly through the wastewater and will not promote any transfer of oxygen during the mixing process.  The large compressed air move more wastewater faster than conventional mixing processes and use half (50%) less energy.   The Pulsair mixing process encourages the right biological communities to form resulting in an anoxic condition suitable for denitrification.

Anoxic / Anaerobic Zone Mixing Solutions

Benefits of Pulsair Anoxic Mixer Design

  • Mixes wastewater in any size tank basin faster than conventional methods
  • More energy efficient than mechanical mixers ~50-60% more efficient
  • Keeps tank floors clean and the (TSS) Total Suspended Solids uniformly distributed within the tank basin
  • ZERO in-tank maintenance
  • Simple, low cost installation into new and existing tanks
  • Mix 100% of the liquids for better tank utilization
  • Mix at any liquid level
  • Avoids over mixing with adjustable speed and power controller for maximum efficiency
  • 30+ years of proven mixing technology for liquids with high viscosities and high solid contents
  • Custom engineered to fit any size tank or control any number of tanks SCADA / plant PLC integration capabilities
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